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Black English | There’s a Glow

A Music Video “Filmed” Entirely On The Virtual Streets Of Grand Theft Auto V


GTA’s gritty streets served as the setting for LA-band NO’s music video, directed and edited by our videographer, Johnny Agnew.


Taking five months in total, Johnny gamified the lead singer and used special recording devices to capture high-definition footage of the game, while lip synching to the lyrics of the music video and interacting with real in-game assistants throughout the virtual scenes.


The lead singer strolls through Los Santos as cars and helicopters collide behind him. There’s even a narrative arc, ending with the protagonist getting mugged. Considering the ground that the video covers, its massive explosions, and the stunt people involved; this was a truly economical way to produce an action-packed spectacle.


With over 380,000 views on YouTube (at the time of writing), the video proved far more popular than any other versions of the song available online.


March 8, 2016


Digital, Videography